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Life is going on and I am yet another year older, turned 57 at the beginning of March. Twenty years ago I could not imagine trying to write articles for Hub Pages; or any other site for that matter, but I am glad to be here.

 I have met so many inspiring people, some I now like to call friends, and actually life is not so bad at all.

I have finally finished writing my memoirs, A Lancashire Rose, Born to be a Thorn, which is also available on kindle from Amazon world wide. This project has been one of the hardest tasks that I have ever accomplished. To say that it has taken me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions is an uderstatement. But I am so pleased that it is finished and I hope my story will be inspirational to other young children who were in the same circumstances as I was.

My second projectm Grandpa Miller, is finally in print and also avialble on Kindle from Amazon world wide.   It is a novella described as factual fiction. It is a story of one man's experience of country and Island life in the early 19th centuary. So far the critique and reviews has been very encouraging, and I am delighted that this story has been so well received.

I live with my toy boy taxi driver, who keeps me grounded and is fiercely supportive of my writing. We have one dog at the moment, an ex-racing greyhound whom we adopted from an animal sanctuary, and he has brought so much joy into our lives.

I still have my fantastic best friend J.J. Blue Star, my handsome appaloosa stallion. Oh I am such a proud mum, love him to bits.

And I have now two adorable grandsons, Callum and Thomas, two of the cutest baby boys in the whole of Ireland to keep me forever young.

Life is good and I am glad to be here. Come and join me on the rest of my journey. You are very welcome.




















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